BSc in Microbiology

Microbiology in a layman’s view can be described as the study of microorganisms and their effects on other living beings. But in scientific terms microbiology is the study and classification of various microorganisms i.e. organisms which are very small in size and cannot be seen with naked eyes. The microorganism’s which are studied in microbiology includes algae, viruses, protozoan, molds and bacteria.  Some Microorganisms have been the cause of many diseases and epidemics; which ignited the need for their thorough study. The immense research and fact findings with the help of microbiology has not only help human kind to fight ill effects of these organisms but on contrary  helped many industries produce products for the well being and profit of other living beings. These widely found bacteria, virus and algae’s have helped health industry to produce useful drugs, food industry to introduce different kinds of drinks and food products, agriculture and many more industries. Microbiology is a wide field which offers many specializations in it for instance, marine microbiologists, agricultural microbiologists, industrial microbiologist etc.

Eligibility and Duration

The eligibility to apply for Bachelor of Science course in microbiology is 10+2 certificate from a recognized board with botany, zoology or biology as one of the main subjects. The duration of this course is three years. Many government and private universities offer degree courses in microbiology.

Scope and Job Prospects

The scope of graduate course in microbiology is soaring; due to many specializations and higher education courses available a student can choose to study further and gain specialized knowledge and education before stepping into the corporate world.

As far as job prospects are concerned the requirement of adept professionals in microbiology are in demand with many industries like health industry, food industry, research organizations, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries across the world. These companies offer lucrative packages to students in accord with their educational qualification and personal skills.