Masters of Fine Arts

Masters of Fine Arts is a post graduate level degree course in performing arts like creative writing, film making, visual arts and theatres.


The following eligibility is needed to pursue Masters of Fine Arts degree:

  • You will need a graduation degree to take up this course.
  • You sometimes have to submit your portfolio to be chosen for this course.
  • You may also have to submit your writing samples or have to go through an audition test before taking up this course.


The duration of Masters of Fine Arts is 2 years.


The scope of Masters of Fine Arts is:

  • A fine arts degree helps you to peruse your career in many fields. For example, you can take up various jobs in the field of performing arts and theatre, which make you capable to work both on and off the stage. From a small job, you can go up to being a full fledge actor and can write and direct your own stage plays.
  • Similarly film making and visual art can make you go for various aspects of film making like camera work, direction and even acting in films and Television serials.
  • You can also get a job as a museum creator or an exhibitor.
  • According to new trends, you can get a lot of scope in arts management after securing this degree. The degree helps you to manage the work of other artists.